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Operating System Error Messages Data Sheet

ERR code Error Message Explanation
189 Access denied A file is read-only or you have tried to input from the parallel port
190 File creation error The file could not be created, maybe because too many files are open
192 Too many open files You tried to open more than seven files at once. This can happen if you forget to use CLOSE
196 File exists *RENAME failed because there is already a file with the name you specified
198 File write error The file could not be written to, maybe because there was not enough memory
200 Close error An error occurred when trying to close the file.
202 Device fault A time-out occurred when reading or writing to a port
214 File not found A file of the name specified was not found in the memory
222 Channel The channel number you specified was incorrect
251 Bad key A macro definition failed because the key selected was not allowed
253 Bad string A string was too long or had unmatched quotes
254 Bad command The star command was not recognised
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