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Data Sheets and Manuals Index

Below are full manuals for the NC100 and NC200, and a series of handy datasheets for both the NC word processor and the BBC BASIC programming language:

---Amstrad NC100 Notepad Manual

OFull User Guide - In PDF format (4.93Mb)

OSection 2 - User Guide

---Amstrad NC200 Notebook Manual (also useful to NC100/150 users)

OFull Contents, Index, and Manual Sections in PDF Format

OSection 01 - Notebook Overview and Beginners Tutorial
OSection 02 - User Guide
OSection 03 - Word Processing Guide
OSection 04 - Sending and Receiving Files
OSection 05 - Stored Commands
OSection 06 - Mail Merge
OSection 07 - BBC BASIC
OSection 08 - BBC BASIC Keywords
OSection 09 - Spreadsheet Guide - Introduction
OSection 10 - Spreadsheet Guide - Part One (a) - Getting Started for Beginners
OSection 11 - Spreadsheet Guide - Part One (b) - Quick Start Guide for Experts
OSection 12 - Spreadsheet Guide - Part Two - Complete Tutorial
OSection 13 - Spreadsheet Guide - Part Three - Overview and Recap
OSection 14 - Spreadsheet Guide - Part Four - Command Reference

---Word Processor Datasheets

OStored commands
OShortcut keys

---BBC BASIC Datasheets

OBBC BASIC commands
OVDU commands
OPLOT commands
OBBC BASIC error messages
OOperating System error messages
OASCII character code table
OKey assignments

---Technical Datasheets

OComplete list of system variables

1997 – 2024 Tim Surtell

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

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