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Features Index

OInside the Amstrad Notepad A Surgical Guide to the Amstrad Notepad
OUsing a mouse on the NC Mouse Drivers for your BBC BASIC Programs
OFebruary 2004 feature: Serial Transfers: NC100s and PCs
OJanuary 2003 feature: Serial Transfers: NCs and Mac OS X
ONovember 2000 feature: ZCN - A CP/M Clone
OJuly 2000 feature: Serial Transfers: NCs and Macs
OJanuary 2000 feature: Serial Transfers: NC200s and PCs
OMay 1998 feature: How BBC BASIC Stores Your Programs
OMarch 1998 feature: Capturing the NC screen
OFebruary 1998 feature: Lap-time Program
ODecember 1997 feature: Passwording Your Programs using Keystroke Dynamics

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