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BBC BASIC PLOT Command Parameters Data Sheet

The PLOT command is used to draw lines and shapes on the screen. The eight base commands (0-7) are used to vary the effect in the later commands.  When plotting triangles and rectangles, the PLOT command is used for defining the last point only -- use the MOVE command to set the other points.  For an example of using PLOT commands see my procedures PROCcircle and PROCrectangle.

ABSOLUTE means the graphics cursor is moved to point x,y.

RELATIVE means the graphics cursor is moved from the previous position to this position plus x,y. For example, if the previous point was 20,30 and you PLOT 2,10,10 the graphics cursor is moved to point 30,40.

n Action Colour Movement
0 Move -


1 Draw Black Relative
2 Draw Inverse Relative
3 Draw White Absolute
4 Move -


5 Draw Black Absolute
6 Draw Inverse


7 Draw White Absolute
n Add base... Action
8-15 0-7 Plots the last point on a line twice
16-31 0-15 Draws lines dotted
32-63 0-31 Plots the first point on aline twice
64-71 0-7 Plots a single point
72-79 0-7 Draws a line left and right from point x,y until the first lit pixel is found
80-87 0-7 Plots a triangle
88-95 0-7 Draws a line right from point x,y until first unlit pixel is found
96-103 0-7 Plots a rectangle
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