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BBC BASIC VDU Command Parameters Data Sheet

VDU commands mainly relate to the screen. The syntax is VDU n , where n is a number from the table below. Parameters are separated by a comma (,) as indicated. If the value is greater than 255 a semi-colon (;) is needed after the number.

VDU code Description


VDU 1,n Send byte n to printer
VDU 2 Enable printer
VDU 3 Disable printer
VDU 4 Displays text cursor
VDU 5 Hides text cursor
VDU 6 Enables the VDU
VDU 7 Makes the speaker produce a beep
VDU 8 Move text cursor left one character
VDU 9 Move text cursor right one character
VDU 10 Move text cursor down one row
VDU 11 Move text cursor up one row
VDU 12 Clear text window and move text cursor home
VDU 13 Move text cursor to left of text window
VDU 14 Enable inverse text
VDU 15 Disable inverse text
VDU 16 Clear graphics window
VDU 17 Enable bold text
VDU 18 Disable bold text
VDU 19 Enable underlined text
VDU 20 Disable underlined text
VDU 21 Disables the VDU
VDU 22 Ignored
VDU 23 Ignored
VDU 24,lx;by;rx;ty; Set up a graphics window
VDU 25,n,x;y; Same as PLOTn,x,y
VDU 26 Reset windows, home cursors and reset graphics origin
VDU 27,n Send byte n to the screen as a character
VDU 28,lx,by,rx,ty Set up a text window
VDU 29,x;y; Set the graphics origin
VDU 30 Home the text cursor
VDU 31 Place text cursor at x,y
VDU 127 Delete previous character
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