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Word Processor Stored Commands Data Sheet

These are the stored commands that the NC word processor uses, and must be used after a '>' character in the first column.  For information about each command please see the Stored Commands section of the Amstrad Notebook manual.

Code Command Type Immediate?
AV  Ask for Variable  Mail Merge  No
BMn Bottom Margin Layout  Yes
CEtext  CEntre  Formatting  No
CF  Close File  Mail Merge  No
COtext  COmment Miscellaneous Yes
CP  Continuous Printing Formatting  No
CStext  Clear Screen  Miscellaneous No
CW  define Character Width  Printer No
DFfile  Define data File  Mail Merge  No
DMtext  Display Message Miscellaneous No
EAn End printing At page  Formatting  No
EFtext  Even page Footer  Formatting  No
EHtext  Even page Header  Formatting  No
EI  End If  Mail Merge  No
EL  ELse  Mail Merge  No
EMn Even side Margin  Layout  No
EP(n) Even Page throw Formatting  Yes
FFo/o Form Feed codes Formatting  No
FMn Footer Margin Layout  No
FOtext  FOoter  Formatting  No
FP  Format whilst Printing  Formatting  No
HEtext  HEader  Formatting  No
HMn Header Margin Layout  Yes
IDvar If Defined  Mail Merge  No
IE  If Exhausted  Mail Merge  No
IFcond. IF  Mail Merge  No
INfile  INsert  Miscellaneous No
IUvar If Undefined  Mail Merge  No
LSn Line Spacing  Formatting  Yes
MCcodes Microspace Code Printer No
MSo/o Micro Spacing Printer No
NCn Number of Copies  Formatting  No
NPo/o New Page after print  Formatting  No
OCcodes Output Code to printer  Printer No
OFtext  Odd page Footer Formatting  No
OHtext  Odd page Header Formatting  No
OMn Odd page Margin Layout  No
OP(n) Odd Page throw  Formatting  Yes
PA  Page Throw  Formatting  Yes
PEo/o Print Even pages  Formatting  No
PLn Page Length Layout  Yes
PNn Page Number Formatting  Yes
POo/o Print Odd pages Formatting  No
PPo/o Proportional Printing Printer No
RJo/o Right Justification Formatting  No
RP  RePeat  Mail Merge  No
RUvar Read variable Unconditional Mail Merge  No
RVvar Read Variable Mail Merge  No
SAn Start At page Formatting  No
SKcond. SKip  Mail Merge  No
SMn Side Margin Layout  No
ST  STop printing Miscellaneous No
TMn Top Margin  Layout  Yes
UNcond. UNtil Mail Merge  No
WC  Write file Close  Mail Merge  No
WFfile  Write File  Mail Merge  No
WMtext  Write Message Mail Merge  No
WTtext  WaiT and display  Miscellaneous No
ZM  Zero Margins  Layout  Yes


n - A number
o/o - Use either ON or OFF
var - Variable name
codes - Printer codes
cond. - Logical statement
file - Filename

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Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site