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Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

Links to Other Sites of Interest

For links to companies selling memory cards, please see the Q & A Section. 

O Amstrad NC Computers Facebook Community
A community for NC users on Facebook, run by Carl Attrill.
O Amstrad NC Computers Google+ Community
A community for NC users on Google+, also run by Carl Attrill.
A website dedicated to the BBC BASIC language which includes a comprehensive language reference.
O Cliff Lawson
Cliff Lawson was the NC Project Manager at Amstrad.
O Comp.sys.amstrad.8bit
The Amstrad newsgroup.
Information about the NC computers compiled by Roberto Carlos Fernandez Gerhardt, including links to datasheets for the ICs, third-party software, ROM dumps, and photographs of the main PCBs.
O DesGehtFei
This German-language blog by Jürgen Wich includes an article on transfering files via the serial cable to and from the NC computers and a PC using Linux.
O F.T Gowen's NC200 Page
Utilities for the NC200 including a data logger and a circuit design package, mainly aimed at engineers.
O Genesis8 Amstrad Page
An Amstrad computer web site with comp.sys.amstrad.8bit FAQ.
O H.J. Boehlings' Amstrad NC Site
Here you can find the full version of The surgical guide to the Amstrad Notepad, and a BBC BASIC reference in German.
O Loftcat Software
Tony Kingmill has an article showing how to transfer between an NC computer and Linux using Cutecom, plus a guide to accessing old-school Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) using dial-up on an NC computer.
O MESS Project
Kevin Thacker is developing emulators for the NC100 and NC200 computers that run on a PC as part of the Multi Emulator Super System (MESS) Project.  The code is currently at beta stage, so you won't find it on the site yet!
O NC Magic
A book by Vic Gerhardi and Dave Hampson which will help you get to know and love your Amstrad NC100 Notepad afterthe first five minutes.  Topics include advanced word processing, mail merge, programming and hidden commands!
O N-connect
Software for an NC100 to Acorn RISC OS link, including facility to de-tokenise NC BASIC into text and BBC BASIC.
O Protext
Word processing software for the Atari and PC which can read NC100/NC150/NC200 word processor files. Now a free download for PC, Atari and Amiga.
O R. T. Russell Homepage 
This is the homepage of Richard Russell, the creator of many BBC BASIC interpreters, including the one on the NCs.  He has an extensive on-line manual for BBC BASIC, although some commands, such as MODE, are not available on the NC version of BBC BASIC.
O Simulant 
This company based in York, UK, sells a replacement module for the NC200 floppy disk drive that allows you to instead store files on a USB flash drive. They also sell other accesories such as power supplies for all of the NC computers.


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Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

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