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Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

Privacy Policy

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site is a responsible publication and we will never use your personal information for purposes unrelated to the website, nor will we ever give your details to any third party. We hate spam email just as much as you do!

Here is a full breakdown of the way our website collects and uses your information...

Data Collection

  • Members creating accounts will be asked to provide the following personal details: Forename, Surname, Age, Occupation, Country, Email Address and Password. Of these items, all are optional except the Email Address and Password which must be supplied to uniquely identify the member when logging in.

Data Usage

  • Members creating accounts may opt in to the Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site email mailing list which may occasionally notify members of changes and additions to Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site. Members may opt out of this mailing list by changing the option after they log in.
  • Age, Occupation, and Country data will only be used to compile statistical information about members. This data will never be displayed in conjunction with other member data.
  • Members email addresses and personal details contained in the member database will never be disclosed to any third party, nor used for any purpose unrelated to the running and purpose of Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site.

Data Access and Correction

  • Members may request a copy of all information held by Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site in relation to their member account.
  • Members may request the correction of incorrect personal information in relation to their member account.

To request any of the above, members should contact the Editor (see 'Contact Details' below). The request will be processed within a reasonable time period.

Data Deletion

  • Members may request deletion of their member account, including all personal information stored online, by contacting the Editor (see 'Contact Details' below). The request will be processed within a reasonable time period.

Data Retention

  • Member accounts are retained in perpetuity. Members may delete their accounts (see above).

Use of Cookies

A 'cookie' is a small amount of data sent to your computer by a website and stored by your web browser so that the data may be accessed by the same website in the future. Personal information is not normally stored in a cookie, but information about which pages on a website you have visited could be stored. If you become a member of a website, a code uniquely identifying you to the website can be stored in a cookie so that you do not have to log back into the website every time you visit. Web browsers do not, however, allow the data in a cookie sent by one website to be returned to another website, so websites you visit cannot determine which other websites you have been visiting.

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site uses its own cookie for login identification purposes only.

Remember that you can delete all the cookies that websites send to your computer (see your web browser help for details). If you do this, you will of course have to type in your email address/password again the next time you visit Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site, as the website won't know who you are!

Third-party scripts in use use on Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site may also set cookies and track your usage of the website. Examples include but may not be limited to:

  • Google Analytics, which collects anonymous statistics about your visit, such as which pages you viewed.
  • Google AdSense and DoubleClick, which serve advertisements on the website.

Contact Details

Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site is operated by Tim Surtell () and has no connection with Amstrad or any other company.

1997 – 2024 Tim Surtell


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