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Questions & Answers


What on earth does ABCEFGIJMNOPQSTVVWXZ!+-\/>.('* mean?

This shows you all the keys you can press at the main menu of the spreadsheet.  Because there are so many commands, only the first letter of each is given.  As always in the spreadsheet, you can press MENU to get detailed help on the options available to you.

Amstrad NC200 manual

Every time I press STOP in the Spreadsheet I get the message "Space Full".

Press the SPACEBAR than us the Which files command to list other sheets in memory.  Erase old ones to make space.  In the limit, you may have to remove data from the spreadsheet to make enough room.

Amstrad NC200 manual

After printing from the Spreadsheet, my laser printer does not feed a page.  What should I do?

Type O then press CONTROL and L together.  Finally, press STOP or ENTER.

Amstrad NC200 manual

I want to enable NLQ printing from within the Spreadsheet.

This depends on the printer you have - check its manual for details.  If it is Epson compatible, the code to enable NLQ is "Esc x 1", so type O, then press CONTROL and [ together (which sends "ESC"), then press x, then 1, and finally STOP or ENTER.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I align the paper in my printer before printing a spreadsheet?

Type O, then hold down CONTROL and press J as many times as necessary, finally press STOP or ENTER.

Amstrad NC200 manual

Graphs from the spreadsheet don't fit on a sheet of A4 paper in my 24 pin printer - what should I do?

This is because the graphic dots printed on a 24 pin printer are larger than on a 9 pin printer.  However, the printout will fit if you start printing right at the top of the page and use the printers DIP switch settings to make it ignore the 'out or paper' sensor.

Amstrad NC200 manual

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