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Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site

Screen Shots of the NC Firmware

These screen shots were captured using the NCs built in screen capture utility and exported to a PC.  Please see the Capturing the NC Screen feature for more information on methods of capturing NC screens for use on a PC.

---The Amstrad Notepad NC100

OEnglish NC100 Main Menu

OEnglish NC100 Address Book

OEnglish NC100 Diary

OEnglish NC100 Alarm

OGerman NC100 Main Menu

English Screen Shots provided by Gavin Taylor.
German Screen Shot provided by Hans Bohling.

---The Amstrad Notepad NC150

O French NC150 Main Menu

O French NC150 Serial Terminal Program Opening Screen

O French NC150 Games Menu

OItalian NC150 Main Menu

OItalian NC150 Serial Terminal Program Opening Screen

OItalian NC150 Settings Menu

French Games Main Menu

OItalian NC150 Time Settings Screen

OItalian NC150 Address Book

OItalian NC150 Spreadsheet Main Menu

Italian Screen Shots provided by Gavin Taylor.

---The Amstrad Notepad NC200

OEnglish NC200 Main Menu

OEnglish NC200 Address Book

OEnglish NC200 Calculator

OEnglish NC200 Diary

OEnglish NC200 Blockade Game

OEnglish NC200 World Time Clock

OEnglish NC200 Word Processor

OEnglish NC200 Spreadsheet

English Screen Shots provided by Tim Surtell.

1997 – 2022 Tim Surtell

Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site

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