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Questions & Answers


Where can I get programs for the NC?

Look on the 'Software' page of this website and check out the 'Links' page.

Tim Surtell (Tim's Amstrad NC Users' Site)

I get "Mistake" errors whenever I try to type commands in BASIC.

Caps Lock should normally be switched on when using BASIC as all commands must be typed in upper case.

Amstrad NC200 manual

Can I use the word processor to enter program listings?

Certainly! To go from WP to BASIC type "*EXEC filename" into BASIC (don't forget line numbers!). To go from BASIC to WP, load the program and then type:

*SPOOL document

Mark Ray (Amstrad Notepad Users Web)

How can I restore a BASIC program when I have accidental left BASIC?

If you have lost your program accidentally (by pushing the FUNCTION and coloured keys or otherwise), then you can restore the entire program with the OLD command if you immediately return to BASIC by pressing FUNCTION and B.  If you do any other work before returning to BASIC, the memory locations where your program was stored may have been written over, and the OLD command will return a 'Bad Program' error.

Jonas Eriksson

How can I make a program run automatically when I enter BASIC?

Just save it with the name AUTO and whenever you start BASIC, it'll run...

Mark Ray (Amstrad Notepad Users Web)

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