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Questions & Answers


How do I run a macro?

Just hold down SYMBOL and press the letter key that you assigned the macro to.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I reset macros?

You can only redefine each macro individually back to the value shown in the table in the Macro chapter of the Word  Processor guide.  You can use a Soft Reset (FUNCTION and STOP while turning the NC on) to reset all the macros in a single operation, but all NC settings will also be set back to their factory defaults.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do you adjust line spacing on a printout?

There are two ways to do this.  While editing a document, press FUNCTION and 7 to access the Layout Menu, then set the bottom Line Spacing option to , 1, 1, 2, 2 or 3 lines.  This will affect all documents that you write from now on.  If you just want a single document to have an unusual spacing, put a ">LS" stored command at the start of the document.  Ssee the Stored Commands datasheet for more details of stored commands.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I get page numbers printed?

Automatic page numbers can only be used in headers and footers.  Where you put a % symbol in a header/footer it will be flled in with the page number when the document is printed.  Headers/footers can be inserted manually with a ">HE" or ">FO" stored command, or you can use the options in the word processor menu (press MENU while editing).  See the Stored Commands datasheet for more details of stored commands.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I turn off right justification so that the right margin of the text isn't always straight?

For a single document, just press CONTROL and 1, press again to switch it on.  If you have the status line showing (FUNCTION and 8), the letters RJ show when it is on.  To disable it for new documents, use the Configure Menu (FUNCTION and 3) and set the Right Justify option to Off.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I print selected pages?

At the list of documents to print, press MENU and use the Start At and End At options to select the pages to print.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I change the printed page length?

To change all subsequent documents press FUNCTION and 7 while editing and change the Page Length entry.  If you just want to change it for a single document, put a ">PL" stored command at the top of the document. See the Stored Commands datasheet for more details of stored commands.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I print multiple copies?

Put an ">NC" stored command in your document followed by the number of copied to be printed.  See the Stored Commands datasheet for more details of stored commands.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I get condensed printing?

Like all styles in the word processor, you can put in a code to switch on condensed printing by pressing MENU and then S in the editor and select the Condensed (or any other) option.  Put in a second code to switch back to normal.  For this to work you printer must, obviously, support condensed printing and you must have set the correct Printer option in the Print Options menu.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I change the margins?

Margins are changed using ruler lines.  A letter L is used to show the position of an indented Left Margin and a letter R is used to set the Right Margin.

Amstrad NC200 manual

How do I indent a paragraph?

Use a ruler line with an L showing where the left margin of the subsequent paragraph should be.  Switch back to the previous ruler line after this by pressing FUNCTION and R to insert the previous ruler line.  For paragraph numbers, move the cursor into the left margin space, type a number and then TAB to continue the paragraph.

Amstrad NC200 manual

What is the size of the User Dictionary and macros?

The dictionary is 1kb, 1024 characters, which will hold about 150 average length words.  There are 256 characters for macros.

Amstrad NC200 manual

What is the Word Processor Command Mode?

If you press SHIFT, CONTROL and STOP with a word processor document on the screen, you enter command mode.  If anyone can send a list of commands, please do.  So far I only know "&du" which dumps the memory to the screen.  Beware!  Trying other key combinations as commands normally crashes the machine.

Mark Ray

I didn't write the program, but Command Mode was the inverse of Edit Mode on the CPC and PCW versions.

By pressing the ESC key, the user toggled between the screen where the text was actually entered and a "pop up" lower screen where commands to print, save, re-format etc. were entered just like using the command line in DOS.

Brian Watson (Protext)

How can I change the fonts on the display?

You can't!  The font is a core feature of the NC firmware and only includes bold, underlined, and inverse variations (I believe the italics used in the Word Processor are the normal characters programmatically adjusted.)  You can change the font and size of printed text however, providing your printer supports other fonts and sizes.

Tim Surtell (Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site)  

1997 – 2021 Tim Surtell

Tim's Amstrad NC Users Site

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